Pam's Legislation

Assemblywoman Lampitt has authored many bills and resolutions in the Assembly’s 2008-2009 session. Her legislative interests are wide-ranging, including higher education, consumer protection, “green” industry and energy efficiency, and mental health issues, among many others. Below, you will find a brief cross-section of Assemblywoman Lampitt’s bills this session. For a complete list of Assemblywoman Lampitt’s bills, you can click here.

A-2973: Establishes basic training, assessment and educational standards for staff at State psychiatric hospitals.

A-2093: Revises the criminal background check process undergone by school employees and school bus drivers, eliminating the “grandfather” clause and requiring federal background checks every two years.

A-1185: Permits public entities to implement energy efficiency upgrades through lease-purchase agreements.

A-2112: Prohibits food and beverage packaging and containers containing the hazardous chemical bisphenol A from being sold or distributed in New Jersey.

A-2949: Requires transparency in reporting of physical assaults and deaths at State psychiatric hospitals.

A-2319: Requires continuing education courses in suicide prevention for physicians.

A-3003: Regulates credit card vendors on college campuses, prohibiting certain predatory practices, and requires any credit card vendor operating on a campus to provide information on the responsible use of credit to students.

A-2550: Permits the location of certain wind and solar “green energy” facilities in industrial zones.

A-2642: Requires certain periodic reports to the Governor and the Legislature by a State agency to be provided electronically instead of being printed.

A-3025: Provides sales tax and use tax exemption for sales of energy efficient light bulbs, light fixtures, and home appliances that bear the federal Energy Star label.

A-3563: Requires public institutions of higher education to notify parents of certain dependent students when the student receives mental health treatment at the institution.

A-3373: Amends the NJ STARS college scholarship program to preserve the program’s long-term sustainability.

A-3616: Encourages the purchase of solar panels and wind turbines manufactured in New Jersey for State projects and State-funded projects.