About Pamela Rosen Lampitt

Assemblywoman Pamela Lampitt has represented New Jersey’s 6th Legislative District since 2006. She currently serves as the Chairwoman of the Assembly Women and Children Committee. She is also a member of the Assembly Financial Institutions Committee, where she serves as Vice-Chair, and the Assembly Appropriations Committee.

As the Chair of the Assembly Women and Children Committee, Assemblywoman Lampitt has been at the vanguard of key policy issues affecting New Jersey's middle-class and working families. She is New Jersey's leading champion of equal pay for women, and she has sponsored a landmark package of legislation to enact pay equity in New Jersey. Assemblywoman Lampitt also authored New Jersey's law preventing workplace discrimination against pregnant women.
Throughout her leadership of the Women and Children Committee, the Committee has covered topics including: preventing domestic violence, raising awareness about child obesity, empowering parents through ratings systems for violent video games, job creation, supporting women-owned businesses, and more.

Assemblywoman Lampitt has also been a key leader in the effort to prevent gun violence in New Jersey. She authored New Jersey's 2013 law strengthening mental health background checks--closing the loophole that enabled the mentally unstable Virginia Tech shooter to legally purchase firearms and kill 32 people. She has also advocated for the need to study improvements to school security, to ensure students are best protected from the danger of gun violence.

As a member of the higher education community and past Chairwoman of the Higher Education Committee, Assemblywoman Lampitt is passionate about higher education. Efforts to increase college affordability and expand aid to students have been a hallmark of her legislative record. A constant advocate for students, Assemblywoman Lampitt helped author key reforms of the NJ STARS program, saving it from major funding cuts and potential elimination and ensuring the program would continue to offer the most opportunity to the widest number of students possible. She was also the author of major bill which streamlined the process and requirements for higher education transfer credits—ensuring New Jersey’s college students have better access to quality, affordable higher education.

Assemblywoman Lampitt has been a leading voice in New Jersey's efforts to combat bullying, and she was a prime sponsor of the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights, in addition to sponsoring innovative legislation that would create support systems to stop bullying before it starts. Assemblywoman Lampitt has continued to raise awareness about teen suicide prevention. She authored the law to reduce teen “sexting” in a way that prioritizes education over prosecution--an effort that has drawn national attention and has since been copied by other states.

Serving in her fifth term in the Assembly, Assemblywoman Lampitt has been a stand-out leader in the area of “green” innovation and technology. She was a key sponsor of a bill, now law, to make it easier for local governments to contract for energy efficiency upgrades—creating green jobs and reducing costs of government. She has authored measures to support and create New Jersey “green” manufacturing jobs and continues to support expanding “green” industry in New Jersey.

A longtime resident of Cherry Hill Township, Assemblywoman Lampitt got her start in public service by serving on the Township’s Zoning Board. Elected to the Township Council in 2003, she served from 2004-2006 in municipal government. As a Councilwoman she worked on several priorities, including cutting down on bureaucracy and red-tape in the township management. She also was a business-friendly leader, spearheading a push for economic development and facilitating inter-business communication in the township to ensure Cherry Hill’s small businesses would not just succeed, but flourish.

In 2005, Assemblywoman Lampitt participated in the Clean Elections program, designed to empower the public by removing the appearance of special interest influence from legislative elections, as part of the first team in history to be named “Clean Candidates.” Assemblywoman Lampitt believes our democracy benefits when more citizens participate in the legislative process, and she has supported measures to further empower the public in this area.

Assemblywoman Lampitt draws her inspiration for public service from her mother’s involvement with Aid for Cancer Research, a volunteer organization that focuses on obtaining grants for important research in the fight against cancer. Because of her own life experience, ensuring all New Jerseyans have access to affordable, high-quality health care is one of her top legislative priorities. Assemblywoman Lampitt has also been involved in efforts to raise awareness for and expand services for mental health care and suicide prevention.

Originally born in Natick, Massachusetts, Assemblywoman Lampitt has made her home in Cherry Hill for two decades. She received a degree in Culinary Arts and Management from Johnson & Wales University. Employed by the University of Pennsylvania for almost 34 years, Assemblywoman Lampitt currently serves as the Director of Business Services, Hospitality Services. She has been acknowledged by her peers and the institution as a model of excellence winner for Supervisor, and for her participation in the ARCH building renovation and Quaker Days program for newly admitted students.

Assemblywoman Lampitt and her husband, Charles, reside in Cherry Hill. They have two children.